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Jet nag
January 8, 2009, 3:08 pm
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Since returning to Japan from the holiday vacation, I’ve spent the past few days combating the “lag” caused by jets, and playing some MarioKart. Throughout this process there really hasn’t been any events of note, nor have I spotted any particularity humorous signs.

For the moment, I think the quiet suits me well. While I’m trying to reacquaint myself to a country and lifestyle where I don’t understand 95% of the conversations going on around me, the less incidents, the better.

Tomorrow, I face my first obvious linguistic challenge as I have to go to the post office to pay an overdue electric bill that arrived while I was away. It’ll surely be a pain, but a welcome alternative to an apartment without electricity.

I’d give you a an hour by hour synopsis of battle with jet lag, but each day I live in Japan, with their cellphone credit cards and robot pancake makers, I become increasingly convinced that one day the computer will use all of this information against me when it becomes self-aware and the army of machines rises up against their creators. I’m pretty sure Peach or Waluigi from MarioKart will be the last face I see in my final breaths should that conflict take place.  I WILL NOT TELL YOU WHEN I SLEEP, MACHINE, YOU WILL HAVE TO GUESS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WITH A VENDETTA.

Seriously though, I may be losing this jet lag battle. Aside from this, everything is great. Remembering how to teach has been easier than expected, and the cadence and rhythm of my speech are returning  to a more suitable (read: super slow) level. My students are also getting a kick out of the 100 Billion Dollar Zimbabwe Currency note my brother gave me for Christmas. It’s already been the subject of multiple cell-phone pictures. I think a rockstar lifestyle is in its future.  Someone get this money some sunglasses.

Specimen? more like Special Man - 100 Billion Dollar Note

"Specimen? more like Special Man" - 100 Billion Dollar Note


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