Teaching In Socks

Try “Teaching in Socks” with Juice
January 13, 2009, 5:19 pm
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While this weekend rounded up week one of re-entry for me, Japan is very much still in the orbit of holiday bargains. I made the mistake of heading to Sannomiya and was swept up by the sea of people that had arrived with intentions of commerce.  It didn’t help that I arrived sans lunch, in the afternoon, just around tea time. It took us twenty minutes of quietly swearing to myself before we were able to find a cafe.

One of the bargain-sale traditions in Japan is to sell mystery boxes; boxes at varying price levels, only with the size marked on them– what’s inside could either be cheaper than the price you paid, or more expensive–hence a bargain. The thrill of a good gamble interested me greatly and I went looking for a box that I could roll the dice on. This search eventually took me to my favorite place, Kamo Soccer store. Unfortunately, their bargain boxes started at 5,000-yen (about $55) and ran all the way up to 20,000-yen. I stood over a 5,000-yen  level box for a while and tried to think of what mystery items in the store that I want for about sixty bucks. After about ten minutes I realized I didn’t want to waste cash on the possibility of spending it on a Christiano Ronaldo Jersey and matching hair product, or a Frank Lampard kit with matching Chelsea key Chain. Contributing money to these causes would inspire an existential crisis I did not want to begin the year with.  I headed home empty handed, I need to commit the desire to gamble on attire purchases with something less personal than football allegiances.

I did get to see my first snow (yuki) in Japan,  but it was nothing more than a few minutes of flurries. Hopefully something a bit more substantial is on the way.

Now I know there are ad wizards on both sides of the Pond Lake, but for your comedic enjoyment…. Want a healthy and exciting snack but lack culinary skills or basic concepts of creativity? Do you like taking thrilling risks such as opening doors and looking at other people’s televisions? Want to eat a cracker and get your daily serving of fruit, but are unclear or unsure of the the proper way accomplish  this? Then try Ritz crackers… with Juice!

"Ritz, setting 'mofo's' like you free since 1972"

"Ritz, setting 'mofo's' like you free since 1972"

Nabisco FAIL


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