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Shoes in the world of socks
August 24, 2009, 2:35 pm
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Today Ako enjoyed is first spell of great weather since May. It was sunny, with a few clouds and a nice breeze. For no explainable reason (unless you studied meteorology or have peripheral knowledge about how weather patterns work) the temperature was down around  twenty-four degree Celsius, which, if I do the conversion correctly, is a “party” degrees Fahrenheit.  Obviously, because of this I spent most of the day indoors sleeping, watching baseball, and running errands.

My reluctance to travel outside was mostly due to its requirement of pants and because the Summer Koshien Tournament Championship game was one today. Nihon Bunri (Niigata Prefecture), was losing 10-4 to Chukyodai Chukyo (Aichi Prefecture) and were down to their final strike. Amazingly, they rallied to score five runs before dramatically surrendering their final out on a line-drive ripped at the third baseman with a runner on. While it may not have exceeded the drama of last year’s two-day, extra innings affair, it came pretty close. As the teams bowed and embraced it was evident in every players’ eyes that they were extremely proud on both teams to have taken part in this game.

After I stopped crying in my breakfast, I did make an effort to enjoy the day’s favorable conditions. I headed out to kick a soccer ball around at a beautiful field alongside the river. Unfortunately, I arrived at the field only to discover that the recent flooding has caused a (hopefully) temporary relocation of the goal posts. I biked the along of the riverbank looking for the missing uprights and found them about a kilometer down river, sans nets, laying face-down next to an abandoned Dodge (they have Dodge here?) and some trash bags. I momentarily considered standing them up and putting them in order, but then I realized that the field was laden with wooden stakes and that my knowledge of my own tetanus shot history was probably insufficient to brazenly handle  hidebound, flood-damaged metal soccer goals.  Thus I went back to my original field–which was actually in pretty good shape–to have a kick around in spite of the missing nets. Playing Kick and chase, I probably ratcheted the “crazy foreigner” a point or two more than usual (My girlfriend later pointed out to me that I had been wearing my Nike shirt inside-out the entire time so maybe I even hit 11 on the “crazy gaijin” scale).

Speaking of Nike, I don’t often talk about fashion and trends on this blog because I am dude and also because Japan is the second biggest economy in the world and as such, the fundamental trends and fashions closely resemble those in America; it’s usually only in the nuances that they differ.  However, one of the nuances I have been keen on since my arrival is a Japanese brand of shoes aptly named “Dragon Beard”. I have wanted a pair since I arrived (and even sent a few friends home with a pair or two), but in a country were I wear shoes about 2% of the time, it always was a unnecessary extravagance. Luckily, this is what gift giving occasions are for, and last week my girlfriend snagged me a pretty choice pair. As you can see, I chose the “Team America #1” color scheme.  I plan to bring these back to America to make people trendier than me jealous of my foreign sensibilities and to scare children by telling them that they are made from real Dragons.

They Fly

They Fly

and breathe fire.

and breathe fire.

“They are made from real Dragons.”

-Me and several highly respected Scientists


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Ted…Enjoying your blog. thought you might enjoy reading this:

From NYT magazine this weekend. Do you know the author? Missing you and look forward to seeing you later this year. xxoo

Comment by A. Jill

Would you like to buy me a pair and send it to the states I saw this brand a while ago and its impossible to get these things overseas

Comment by Sebastian Nowicki

I don’t mean to be like what’s it worth to you, but what’s it worth to you? I would be happy to procure a pair for you and send it your way, but I would probably tack on a small but reasonable handling charge. Let me know if your interested and we could probably work something out over ebay.


Comment by treilly3298

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