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shows where scary people chase you
November 10, 2009, 4:58 pm
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Yesterday I forgot to mention Chronos another show I really enjoy. This show is basically a high-tech version of adult, team hide-and-go-seek. Each week the show takes place in a different setting with a different theme. It could be in the heart of Shinjuku or in a small Edo period of town. The contestants try to avoid being caught by Hunters–basically Agent Smith type sentinals. If a hunter touches the contestant he is out. For every minute the contestant stays alive, they gain a certain amount of money. Throughout the show there are various missions that the contestants are alerted to via cellphone. They must complete these missions to stay alive–or sometimes just to earn extra money, or to make the Hunter’s job more difficult.

also, to add to the experience here is the most annoying commercial in Japan as of late. Also, by annoying I mean it is always stuck in my head and it subconciously makes me want to be a modern day Beatle with a speech impediment (the joke of this commercial is that they can only say the sound the spray bottle makes.)


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