Teaching In Socks

January 23, 2009, 4:08 pm
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100% less saddle-sore

100% less saddle-sore

Sure, the rich kids got ponies, but the really rich kids got their own bullet trains.

Global Frequency
August 16, 2008, 3:28 pm
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Just put my first Saturday where I had all of my classes in the books. I have great students on Saturday. Each of them do an excellent job being attentive in class. They also each have a way of keeping the material interesting (read: silly) and fun which is a big benefit to me.   In some classes I probably learn more than them, and I’m being paid for this.

Today, for instance,  I learned where several  mid-major Japanese cities are located (my status of former Geography Bee runner-up has its limitations, there are still things I have yet to master,mid size Japanese metropolises being one of them) as well as some information on giant telescopes.

Still, eight classes in one day can take its toll. Often,  by 8pm my voice starts to fade and most of my whiteboard markers are dead–today Blue was the lone survivor, better luck next week Red, Green, and Black

It also doesn’t help that I neglected to eat all day (an increasingly common Saturday habit), or that I encountered my first “child tantrum”. The kodomo  meltdown all started three minutes before class when we decided to let one of the 5 year-olds watch some “Tom & Jerry” in the lobby before class. The start time for the class came and I knew it was coming immediately. Frankly I agree with him; I’m not as Interesting as Tom, Jerry, or the combination of the two.

The boy did not want to get out of his chair so the great process began. There was negotiating, followed by  demands, then bribing, and eventually threats accompanied by “stern” parental discipline.  In the end, no wins and no one forgets,and the kid will have to wait until next year ot learn about the possibilities of the letter “K” (hint: Koala).

Asa result, I now find myself enjoying the comforts of home and the sophisticated bliss of the beginning of a new Barclay’s Premier League season (“English soccer league” for the American readership). Currently, I am in my Japanese apartment, sitting on my “modernesque” reclining floor-chair, eating an American grilled cheese, drinking a 24oz Kirin’s Draft Beer and watching two English football matches (one of the TV special Cable channel I purchased, and another via the internet) neither of which is being broadcast in a language I have achieved any sort of fluency in.  The television match is in Japanese, and the computer match happens to be in espanol. Top that, Globe Trekker!

Let’s face it, right now, I am the most worldly person you know and I’m just sitting at home on a Saturday night.

Tomorrow though I will get out and explore…and maybe have some dry cleaning done, which I assume will be quite the challenge. Does anyone know the Japanese for “light starch”? I’m thinking of trying out “Light, starch-o”…